Why Should I Care?

ALTADENA CA -As typical of many males passing the responsibility on to others is the easier of the choices. For those who like it easy naturally passing the torch on to others to do what you know needs to be done is the preferred method. That may have worked for you in the past, but that is no longer a viable option we can afford to exercise.

You should care because if you don’t know one else is guaranteed to do for you what must be done. If your family needs assistance it is up to you to provide what is required or desired. If the system is broke you must do your part to fix the system. If things are not working you must be willing to make changes until they began to work. It is up to you to do whatever is necessary to make things better for all who are depending upon your manhood or maleness. It is what all real men do.

Men, you must step up to the plate and do what is necessary. Don’t wait on someone else to do what you know needs to be done. Don’t seek the easy route as your preferred mode of operation, but instead always be willing to stand up firmly and do what is right. This is not the path for the weak at heart and mind. It is not a lazy man’s path. It is not the path that we have recently been conditioned to take. However it is the path that real men take regardless of what is popular, easy or what is preferred. You should care because God made you man. If that is not good enough then eat, drink and be merry because it will all be over with soon.

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