Who’s Steering Your Ship

For years I have relied upon others to make many important decisions that affected my life. When you are a child it is understandable that you would need to rely upon your parents/guardians to make such decisions regarding the operation of your life, but as you age, more of the responsibility should shift toward you. The basic problem with that game plan is that too many people refuse to step up to the plate of responsibility. For some it is because of laziness, some rebellion, some irresponsibility, some ignorance, and some just don’t want to assume the driver’s position. Where do you stand?

This is pure speculation on my part, but the process of growing up under the comfort of our guardian spoils too many of us. It is like baby birds living in the safety of the nest that the mother bird has to kick out. There was a time when children couldn’t wait to leave home and gain their independence, but the generations as of late seem to be homebound. There is little pressure pushing them out in this cold cruel world. We would rather them stay at home where we can keep an eye on them than allow them to go out into what we perceive as a very scary and dangerous world. The bottom line is, one day they will have to go out there and fend for themselves. That is part of becoming a mature adult: you have to step up to the plate of responsibility.

Many of us “baby boomers” left home before, or shortly after high school graduation, never to return to the comfort of our childhood homes. We became the captains of our own ships back then; however, I must admit that many times the ship was sinking. Somehow we made it through many tough times and earned the right to be our ship’s captain. If you compare the baby boomer generation with those who are just turning adults today, it is like comparing people from two different worlds. Times have changed so drastically that our world is both figuratively and literally a totally different environment.

Back in the last century people could sustain themselves by finding a job that required only manual labor. If a person didn’t mind working hard they could certainly find work. Most of those jobs are no longer available. In order to find a decent job now you need some credentials or skills. Even though there are some jobs that do not require much skilled training, those jobs are usually taken by kids or young adults. They are the largest segment of our population. In addition we have an aging population of seniors who are out-living their resources so they are coming back into the job market. In essence, the competition for jobs is fierce. If you want a higher quality of life you need a great paying job. Where does that leave the many who are looking for jobs yet are unable to find them?

You need to start preparing heavily and early if you want to appreciate a great quality of life. If you are willing to take advantage of the opportunities available to you they will take you to higher places. If you are not properly steering your ship then you will become one who is dependant upon others, taking the left-over jobs that many people dread. Young to mid-adults can start now and substantially improve their job possibilities. Take up a trade that will be in demand for years to come such as in the medical profession, fire or police department, municipal services, food services, computer care and the like. If you are not currently steering your ship, then who is? Think about it!


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