Where There Is Love Hate Can’t Reside

As a Baby Boomer born back in the late 1940s, a time when racial segregation was the main practice, I know a thing or two about hate. Whites hated blacks and denied nearly all the basic liberties to them. This hatred was hundreds of years old and had become a staple of the Deep South. After such a long period of time the “hated” became the “haters” as well. This is because where there is hate, love cannot reside.

Our hearts are made in a certain way that it can only contain one of the polar opposites at a time. Both cannot fit into that sacred space simultaneously. If love is present, hate has to take a back seat. If hate is present, love has to take a back seat. How the heart goes is determined by the direction of the mind. If you tell it to hate, then hate is what it does. If you tell it to love, then love is what it does as well.

When you are in an environment where all the people around you are filled with hate it is as though you were in the desert where the temperature was 120 degrees. Every thing there is hot. In order to escape the heat one has to bring in an element that is capable of cooling an area. With hate it can be just as evasive. When hate prevails in a certain geographic area as it did back in the old Deep South, it emitted its own power source. In order to escape that sort of hate one would have to bring in an element capable of overcoming its power source.

Many times people will practice things that are hateful, harmful, cruel, mean, dirty, ferocious, or otherwise very negative and think nothing about their behaviors. They do what they have always done and see no need to change what they are used to doing. Such an attitude is no longer acceptable. It should not be acceptable by anyone with even a decent set of morals and character.

If you find yourself behaving in such ways, only you can change the stage. You must tell the heart that these characteristics will no longer define the type of person you wish to be. As hate shows its ugly head you must stomp it down. It doesn’t matter why this happened in the past, but it does matter that you recognize this cancer in you that eats away at your heart. If you do not tell the heart to love, it can only do what you command it to do. Absence of love in the heart opens the floodgates to hate. If you do not want hate in your heart you must keep it filled with love.

This is something most of us could stand to practice more and more. None of us are perfect. Most have areas of our lives that could stand much improvement. As I have aged over the years I make it a practice to put out the many fires that attempt to surface in my heart. It can be a daily challenge, but since this is so very important to me I am willing to spend as much time as necessary, constantly checking my temperature gauge for negative flames. When they show up, as they only too frequently do, I quickly knock them down. I consciously fill my mind and heart with love and hold on to that thought. This is a practice that requires much focus, patience and perseverance. If you are up to the task the end results will certainly be worth the gain. Where there is love, hate cannot live.


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