Where Perverts Reside

In recent times we have been hearing much about trusted individuals taking advantage of innocent victims. The incidents of the priest molesting young boys or even leaders of the boy scouts taking advantage of their members are just two examples of this. Although these incidents are not the norm, they are more frequent than we would like to think.

One of the major problems is the fact that too few perpetrators are caught or even reported. It becomes the child’s word against an adult. Most times children don’t know how to respond to things that strikes them that way. They are partly in fear, in shame, and just too young to know how to process such emotions. This is what the “perps” take advantage of. They utilize the child’s innocence.

Where would you suppose a perpetrator would position themselves in order to take advantage of innocent victims? Like a spider weaves a web and hides just out of sight snagging their innocent victims as they stumble into the web, this is what perps do. They find places where there are many victims and hide themselves among those who are trusted. By the way, teachers fall into this category as well. Many teachers have been caught over the years taking advantage of children who were innocent victims. Again this is not to paint a brushstroke on any particular profession, but to show the nature of perpetrators. They hide in places where they can better catch their victims.

Is it surprising that child molesters would try to position themselves near a school? Is it also surprising that once they are caught they are required to register and forbidden from living in close proximity of a school? Many times children know about these perps but do not come forth and blow the whistle. This is also the role of the parent to teach their children how to communicate things that seem strange or make them feel strange.

When it comes to handling our children we need to find better ways of screening those who we allow to handle them. If the school, the church, the scouts, or other institutions don’t do their proper screening, parents need to keep a watchful eye on their child’s behavior and take note when they use body language to say things they cannot express in words. The basic problem here is parents not spending enough quality time with their children that they can read their invisible body language. It takes a lot of quality time in order to make such a read.

This is not about living in constant fear or being overly paranoid, but instead about plain and simple logic. Predators usually hide in places where they can take advantage of the most prey. When you send your children out into the world they usually walk among carefully hidden predators, unbeknownst to them, to you, or even the administrators. Predators are usually crafty at what they do; they hide in plain sight.

If you have to err, err on the side of caution. Many times you are the child’s last line of defense. If you suspect anything or anyone do not allow that suspicion to go unchecked. Do your homework and/or investigation. If it ends up being nothing, well and good, but don’t just brush it away as nothing. Perverts hide right out in plain sight. Protect your children!


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