What the American People Want

Perhaps you have heard this “catch phrase” spoken lately by one or more of your elected political leaders? They claim to speak for the “American People.” That would be believable or somewhat more acceptable if I felt my views or opinions were solicited, but I have never been questioned or consulted about what I desire, believe, need, want, or care about. Who are these American People that they claim to be representing? Did I miss a very important scheduled appointment in order to solicit my opinions? Did I forget to respond or reply to an invitation for Americans to voice their opinions? Not likely! Apparently, not any of my immediate neighbors were contacted either, so I’m just wondering, who are all these American people the politicians are speaking about?

You may find this surprising, but it appears that our two major political parties are more interested in their own political philosophies rather than the needs of the people they claim to represent. They seem to be more concerned about their standings with the people rather than actually serving the needs of the people. Do they realize that they also have American blood in their veins? Or, is it possible that their blood is a Republican or Democratic blood type? Are their needs the same as ours? Perhaps the “American People” they claim to represent are the people who look like them, think like them, smell like them, or otherwise are like them. The rest of us aren’t “real” Americans.

Are we being represented well by this extremely partisan political system? Are the needs of the people the top priority of politicians or has it evolved into something extremely un-American? When following political lines become more important than actually doing things for the good of the people, something is broken with the system. If that isn’t the case, then perhaps the majority of the people are no longer the ones who count. As it is only a very small percentage of the people have faith in the political system. Most assume that politics is a shady profession. You never know what they are doing behind closed doors. You assume, correctly, that they actually represent those who help them get into their positions of power and leadership. It is not your imagination: politicians are loyal to those who financially support them. If the majority of the people are not involved in the system… they actually get what they put into the system, which is: NOTHING!

Just being a citizen of these United States does not mean that you actually have a “say” about how you are governed. Even though many of our ancestors died for the rights we have, if we don’t get involved in our government we leave it to the shady politicians who essentially have free reign to do what we allow them to get away with. The truth of the matter is, we are not a people, as politicians would like for us to think. Do you think Persian Americans would have the same opinion about the Republican Party as Irish Catholic Americans? Are African American Americans loyal Republicans? Do most Mexican Americans belong to one political party? Are Christian Evangelicals pro-Democratic? Absolutely not! We are almost as diverse as there are groups of people. I am actually insulted when I hear politicians “speak for,” or claim to know what the American people want. Politicians in general don’t represent the people, but the power that helps them get elected. If you want representation you need to get involved with the system, otherwise they know you are not a threat to their position or, their constituents.


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