Us Versus Them

In reference to the topic of determining what is a real man, the main line we tend to draw is that of male versus females. Females are the “them” and males are the “us.” For many obvious reasons this is a good line to draw because without a doubt there are notable differences between the genders. Many of them have nothing to do with preferences because certainly there are many individual cases that will make you think twice about their true gender. Even without considering the surgical alterations there are some individuals that seem to have been born in the wrong physical bodies. That is not the topic we are addressing here. We are addressing gender according to the “accepted norm” of the masses. If a male desires to live as a female and vice versa that is not the “accepted norm.” For certain it is not what I am about to discuss. However, it would naturally fall under another division line of “us versus them:” heterosexual men versus homosexual men. It could also go under the subject of homophobia, religion, and/or other.

Lines drawn such as homophobia, racial lines, cultural, ethnic, cast systems, economic lines, gender lines, political lines, religious lines, age discrimination, handicap lines, strong versus the weak, rich and poor, tall versus short, weight discrimination, east versus west, and so on are just a few example of the lines we willingly draw daily. We draw so many lines that it would be difficult to always keep up with your lines. Who is it that actually keeps these lines neatly separated? Do we even agree with the lines use? How many of them do you actually honor? It may amaze you how many lines you honor subconsciously. At times you place yourself as “us” and at others you are on the “them” side. Have it ever dawned upon you that you are actually participating in this silly game? If you really thought about it, would you hold fast to all these lines?

May I recommend that you start paying attention to these somewhat invisible and even derogatory lines that you participate with either consciously or subconsciously? Unless you see a very strong benefit is holding on to these lines may I also suggest that you make it a point to eradicate them. Many lines were taught to us as children so we accepted them even before we knew we were consciously doing so. Many we adopted simply by living in a certain area or on a certain side of the tracks. Some were by association and others by assimilation. If you make a conscious afford to look at your lines and show a willingness to do what is right and best, I am sure most of these lines could be dropped. When you decide that you no longer need such divisions in your world is the point that you will free yourself of the additional burden of carrying all that unnecessary negative baggage.

If you have a closet full of cloths that you can no longer wear, these unworn clothing would take away space that could be used to store new cloths. Carrying unnecessary negative baggage takes away space that you could use to store positive things and attributes. As broad and expandable that we are as human beings, we only use less than 10% or our capacity. Many use far less that this average. May I suggest that you simply drop the mega-tons of negative weight that goes along with the “us versus them” syndrome? You might just find tons of room for good and positive attributes in your limited used capacity as an authentic human being? Rid yourself of “us and them! I dare you!!!


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