Tiger Woods Ordeal

In reference to our real men program and what we are trying to achieve, how does this fiasco with arguably the most famous worldwide sportsman fit in? At Real Men Seminars we would like to see men standing firm in their roles with high moral character and integrity. We define a real man as those who exude such likeness. We challenge men to measure themselves by those standards.

This does not mean that men of poor character or those who make poor choices are not real, but instead we as a collected body of people should draw moralistic lines as to how we would like to be defined as human beings. Everything cannot be acceptable. All sorts of behavior should not be allowed. No matter where we are willing to draw the line it will not be the same for us all. But surely most people could agree that certain things are not acceptable as an image that we would like to see men emulate.

Even Tiger Woods does not think his behavior was proper. He knows what he did was extremely wrong and against the very image he wanted to set as a role model. We know that he failed miserably and broke his own rules. At the same time we know that the image he attempted to portray was based upon solid fundamental moralistic principles. We know that he cares about children “walking the straight and narrow,” even though he walked the “crooked line.” We know that he would not want other men to do as he has done and call that a good practice. By his own admission he felt that because of his fame and money he was above our most basic rules. No person is that large, but that does not prevent him or her (as the case may be) from breaking the same rules they claim to espouse.

Look at the number of clergymen that committed sinful and/or illegal practices. Look at educators who break moralistic and even criminal laws, while teaching our children. Look at parents that do almost everything they tell their children not to do. Children will do as they see others do in spite of what they may be told!

Who does not break the very same rules they claim to postulate? None of us are as perfect as we would like to be. None of us even make the mark that we set for ourselves. Some fail so miserably that it is not even a contest. Yes, Tiger is one of them. Are you one that we might put under a microscope and use in the media as a shining example?

Tiger broke the rules. Tiger did not uphold the image that he claimed he wanted to portray.. We cannot condone such behavior, no matter what opportunity and availability one may have. That is why we set the standard for a real man to be one that has high moral character and integrity. With such standards there are built-in boundaries Cheating, breaking the rules, committing immoral acts, all goes against basic moral character and standards. If men learn and practice high moral character and integrity as a way of life then from within comes the signal not to do the things that we now know Tiger has done.

When you know that you are weak you also know that you need help. Hopefully there is enough brokenness, enough true humility in Tiger that he continues pursuing the course he has begun in seeking professional help. If he follows through with the help that is already started he will grow and mature and possibly become the real man that his wife, children, mother, and others will be able to look up to with pride as he evolves into a model of a Real Man. He is not there yet; he has only just begun to work on his problems, but I think he can get there with the proper care and help.


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