The Death of Morality

If this sounds cynical perhaps it is intended to do so? Am I intentionally trying to paint a very dark picture of society? I don’t have to…that picture stands on its own merits. For the moment, forget about my views, I am only a writer that writes about things that attracts my interest. The issue here is not my opinion, but yours. How are you dealing with some of the moral issues we’re witnessing today?

Because of changes in how information is delivered to us the ability to exercise control over certain forms of media is elusive at best. We don’t have control over the airways, the cyber ways, what is printed in certain magazines, where newsstands are positioned, or even what programs are being aired. Unless you are willing to lock you and your loved ones in a container totally blocked from all media you will be subjected to things that go against at least some of your moral values. This is where we have evolved to as a species at this particular juncture in our history. Obviously there’s no relevance for those who declare no moral standards. To them “anything goes!”

Many of us were born during a time when morality was strictly enforced in a number of different ways by various agencies. Some of them were grossly unjust, but nevertheless they prohibited certain types of material from legally reaching the general public. There were restrictions against such things as nudity, foul language, violence, content, or things that went against society’s adopted standards. Those standards have been seriously compromised over recent years. In just a short period of time we went from very strict to very loose enforcements.

Are the lowered standards good for society? Does this newfound freedom enhance our species? Is the freedom to self-indulge worth the degradation of our morals? Ultimately, are we satisfied with the changes? If this is acceptable by the majority of the people then there is very little the minority can do to stop the current trend. If nothing is done to alter the current course then this trend will continue to tumble until it finds find its own “new” level, somewhat like water does.

As an elder citizen, one on the backside of my worthiness I’m not the one that will be most affected. It is not for my sake that I sound the alarm. My concern is for our future. I’m concerned about the lives of my children, grand children and their children’s children. If morality is allowed to fall continually, what could that picture ultimately look like?

Is this not an important enough issue that we need concern ourselves? Are we willing to let morality die and accept whatever comes next? Shouldn’t we at least give it a decent burial? Even the thought of this is far too unbearable for my mind to grasp… How say you?

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