ALTADENA CA – It’s amazing how much we are a divided species. It appears that there are so many dividing lines that have been created over such a long period of time that have conditioned us into so many factions creating dissensions amongst us. These sometime invisible lines separate people all around the world into east/west mentalities.

The main problem here is the fact that we operate in this manner and most times don’t consciously know why. We have been taught to resist, segregate, discriminate, partition, or otherwise create walls and fences to divide us from them. Is that really working well for us? Do we prefer to be as such?

For years people were taught to hate others because of something that may have happened during the past. The things that actually happened to cause the dissension might have been long forgotten leaving only the invisible redline that keep people from getting along. To hate others for a legitimate reason may be understandable, in some cases, but to do so, not even knowing why, is ludicrous. Is this really what we want to for ourselves? Is the message we want to send to the children?

Just take a drive around from your neighborhood outward and see just how many redlines you come across. Many homes have protected fences and walls. Neighborhoods are divided by certain partitions such as railroad tracks, business districts or other commercial properties. Towns, cities, states and nations all have boundary lines. Even within each there are lines inside the lines. There are the majorities separated from the minorities of various races. There are the haves separated from the have-nots. The Jews segregated from the gentiles, Muslims from the Christians, Catholics from the Protestants, young from the old, obese from the slim, and so many lines that you can’t keep up with them all. Many of these lines are subconscious. What good do they serve?

No matter who you are or where you are in the grand scheme of things you have to know that we are the ones who create and hold on to these redlines. Some are understandable because we definitely need prison walls to keep the criminals, or the seriously mentally disturbed away from others. However, some of these walls serve no good purpose. Most are not good for us as people. As you see redlines, whenever and wherever possible, knock down those walls and our world will be a better place, even if it is just one brick wall at a time.

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