Recharging Your Masculinity

Fellows this comes under the category of understanding your unique males needs. There are certain things most males need in order to thrive and optimize their net worth. Think of it as you would plants needing the right mixture of water, sunlight and other nutritional substances in order to be as healthy as possible. If plants are malnourished they look unhealthy. The leaves may wither and the color may appear less than vibrant. When living organisms aren’t given what they require they’ll show signs of malnourishment. Likewise when living males aren’t given what they require they will likewise experience malnourishment. The symptoms may reveal themselves in a number of odd ways.

What would you consider to be vital as a healthy male? Most males may immediately focus upon a steady diet of sex. However, if you happened to be stranded on an island with no female available, would you die from the lack of regular sex? No, you would just become extremely efficient at masturbating. Although we say sex is very high on our list of requirements, that is mostly in our mind and… perhaps it hangs heavily in your groin as seamen is allowed to build up without erupting.

On the other hand males need to establish channels of ventilating certain energies. Most genetically have excess energies that are prompted by the hormone called testosterone. This energy is what makes men capable of doing the hard physical work or play they’re capable of achieving. If there’s no outlet for the release of this energy there may be a violent eruption and someone could be injured. This is not to say that a man couldn’t channel the release of this energy through sex, but sex is not the only way for men to release it. Besides, to have sex that frequently you need a willing partner. On the other hand it could be channeled through vigorous exercise, rough-housing, playing hard, pushing oneself hard mentally and achieving a euphoric high from success, meditating, praying, spending time alone in nature, or just consciously releasing built-up energy into the cosmos and letting it go.

When a male is in a relationship and it feels that the walls are so tightly fitted around him with no obvious release valve he will usually resort to heavy consumption of drugs or alcohol; the pursuit of an extra marital relationship, or it may appear as an unusual dysfunction that the male has no conscious attachment to the action. When energies are stored to the maximum capacity and you try to force more into the capacity than it was built to handle, there will be an explosion. This is the law of natural science. This is not what we wish to happen.

Most females have found interesting ways of channeling their femininity and it is not necessarily through sexual intercourse. In fact it appears that sex may not rate as high on female’s charts as it does males. They love taking hot baths, getting facials, manicures, pedicures, gossiping, reading sexy novels, watching movies or programs that turn them on in interior ways, and a host of other things that a one-night sexual episode may not be able to compete with. What is it that males have for their release of testosterone energies similar to what females have? I can think of many, but first you have to get your mind unstuck on sex before you will even entertain door number two.

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