Real Change

What’s it going to take to create real change in society? I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but America is a time bomb waiting to blow up. Our economy is out of whack, our people are out of whack, our entire system is out of whack, and overall… this ship is sinking deeper and deeper. What is causing all this negativity? How did we get into this deep hole, and how can we get out? Real change means making radical moves that may not be popular. Keeping things the same as always just because we want things to work in our favor is not a recipe for success. More than likely all of us need to adopt a policy of doing what it takes to fix the problem even at the expense of some discomfort.

It appears that too many people are seeking something or someone to blame rather than spending an equal amount of time or energy toward doing what they personally can to make a positive change. When you have a limited capacity to deal with it is wise to use as much of that capacity toward things that are beneficial rather than those that are not. All of us are busy doing what we must to run our lives. That means that we have limited energy and resources to spend on fixing problems outside of our own.

In truth our problems are similar. The economy, jobs, home prices, food prices, gasoline prices, our school systems, crime, roads, highways and infrastructure; most of us are affected adversely by these things. It is not “their” problem but “our” problem. Until we come up with solutions that work for all of us, our ship will continue to sink.

We need real change. Real change means we may have to give up something that we think we must have. We’ll have to sacrifice personal pleasure for a while until the ship is repaired otherwise the ship will sink. It’s either sacrifice and live, or remain the same and go down with the ship. Those are our real options. Like it or not, we are a nation of people.

Only a very small percentage of citizens can afford to build walls tall enough not to be affected by the ills of our society. For those who are that selfish, there’s a separate category in which they fall. If you are a heartless person that cares only about your own selfish gains, then there’s very little that you’re willing to sacrifice for the gains of others. This description doesn’t fit the majority of the American people. Yes, we want what we want, but for the good of us all I think people would be willing to give up a little, even a lot, if they knew we would all benefit. We need the type of real change that requires a willingness to do what is best for the entire ship, not just a cabinet on the ship. If the whole ship sinks, what good purpose would that luxury cabinet serve?

There is real power in people. If we should ever join hands and stand together there is no stronger power. Imagine us standing together to feed everyone who is hungry. Imagine us standing together to make sure everyone has medical attention, a roof over their heads, or a place to live in dignity. There are some that have so much wealth and resources that they will never use in their lifetime. There are many of us who are spoiled by having more than we require in order to sustain our basic life functions. It’s not that we have too little, but that we are so used to wasting and glutting what we have. People, we need real change and, it must start with a willingness to give up on being so spoiled.

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