Power to the People

This is a new day, folks, so we might as well get used to it. No way will we go back to how things were done in the past. Many expect things to operate in the same manner as they had grown accustomed, but unfortunately with the passage of time…change happens.

We’re entering a brand new age. We’re capable of doing things today that we could only imagine just a short while ago. When change happens our challenge is to find ways to incorporate it into our lives rather than reject it. Change usually feels strange, but that is its nature. It is different because it never happened before.

Just this year we witnessed the overthrow of a dictatorship in Egypt after over 30 years of controlling its people. This revolution started and came to a very successful ending within 18 days. How was this possible? It was neither a military coup nor a political overthrow, but, instead, a collection of masses of ordinary citizens that came together; demanded change and won. It was the will of the people that decided this outcome.

A similar movement was the “occupy movement” where citizens from all around the world decided to show their dissatisfaction with the statue quo. Although the movement does not seem to attack one single cause or establishment it does seem to rally the people against what they consider to be unfair, unjust, or unequal.

In essence people have power that they seldom utilize.  Just as there is fear and mass hysteria created by powerful and often unseen factions, there is also a huge reservoir of positive power that is untapped like a vein of gold hidden deep within the earth. We know it’s there but we just have not learned how to successfully tap into that resource upon demand.

When you think about it, what are the main factors (or factions) that control our perception of life? In America it is mainly the Establishment, which includes the government, the media, the clergy, our elders, and maybe our bosses. These factions basically tell us what to do, how to operate, how to think, and basically what state of mind to have.

Since most people are attached to the system they basically follow as instructed by the various factions in place. The majority of people are followers like a herd of animals. At the same time there is another state of being that is possible, but seldom do ordinary people select to take the option behind “Door Number Two.”

Obviously it takes more guts to stand on your own power than it does to go along with the status quo. We are so indoctrinated from early in life to follow the system rather than to buck it. Most are not born mavericks with the natural ability to be a leader.

The fact is that we don’t have to be sad just because the economy is down. We don’t have to live in fear just because there are tyrants in the world. We don’t have to be so divisive just because others have a different faith or beliefs than us.

In other words, we don’t have to allow the establishment to tell us what state of being to be in. The main power is in the people and not in the establishment. We basically give them our power when the real power is in the people to decide upon their state of mind.

If we don’t surrender our power over to the minority of those in power, they could not withstand the silent majority. This is the power of the people, which by the way is too seldom used.

For example, if a political leader told you to be sad, do you have to be sad just because they tell you to be so? Absolutely not! If the media sells you derogatory products such as bad news, do you have to paint your entire world with this dark image? Absolutely not!

If your religion demonizes another person’s religion do you have to live in fear of people of different faiths? Absolutely not! Although the power of persuasion exists within the establishment it’s up to us either to accept or reject their offer.

In this country, by law, the power is in the people, but as long as we feel attached by the umbilical cord to the establishment (system) they only control our perception of things.

When the masses believe a certain way that is usually how things operate. When the masses decide to change, as in what happened in Egypt, the power was no longer the option of the dictator. Eventually the people would have won as long as they stayed united.

So what does this all mean? Is it time for anarchy? Should people rebel or otherwise cause a revolution? Is violence necessary? No! None of the above is necessary. All the people need to do is stand together. If they dare stand for righteousness sake, inevitably they will win.

There is no way the establishment can stand against the people when they know they are right and have a good reason to stand firm, for however long it takes to affect change.

All power to the people by choosing to stand on the side of what is right.

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