Occupy Wall Street (America) Protest

I understand the dissatisfaction people have with what “Wall Street” represents, but the way the protest movement is formed doesn’t attack anyone that can make an appropriate change. If expressing unhappiness or dissatisfaction is the gain then whoopee! …that and a bottle of rum should do the trick.

The fact that the “rich” has more financial privileges, perks or gains is nothing new. There is nothing wrong with people becoming insanely successful, as long as it is within their means. Why should it bother anyone if people are very successful, unless they took unfair advantage of others in order to gain? Even still if you cannot connect the crime with the criminal you are still just barking into thin air.

Should people be upset that our government bailed out Wall Street using our tax money? Absolutely yes! But why are we mad at the people who benefited when we should be even more upset that our government used our money to benefit the rich?

The excuse the government told us was that if Wall Street went down the entire country would sink even deeper into a recession. Even without being a financial expert it appears that there may have been some validity to that claim, but still, how it was handled did not make our government look intelligent or appear to be fair. It appeared that they were protecting the rich at the expense of the poor.

I’m not one to put the blame solely upon the president because certainly he does not have enough power to unilaterally make such a decision. It took the majority of the House and the Senate in order to pass the “Wall Street Bail Out” measure. In actuality everyone that voted on this matter had a hand in its approval. There were members from both parties that approved this bill. All of them need to share the blame. They did not handle this matter properly.

In politics when there is blame to take each party wants to point to the other side rather than admitting they personally made a mistake. Even with that stated they still have the ability to work together in order to come up with a different solution that would undo some of the damage that was caused.

One simple nugget of a solution would be to charge them a healthy interest rate upon the return of the “bail-out” funds and put that money back into the national treasury. Why not make a decent profit from the money we loaned them?

Someone PLEASE tell me that this was not free money that we loaned to them just to support their plush lavish lifestyles! This loan was not to pay for their bonuses and slush funds…WAS IT! The money has to go back into the national treasury so we can replenish what was lost.

What I am not seeing with this “occupy America movement” is the protesters actually reaching the people who are actually at fault. The rich were the ones that caused the situation. Poor or bad unsecured investments (because of their greed) are what caused the system to almost crumble. Instead of repaying the people whose lifelong savings and investments turned sour… our government bailed out the institutions that ran things into the ground.

Yes, we should be mad with “Wall Street,” but the occupying of public facilities and town squares is not hurting the people that caused the problem.

Although it may be a bit noble, or stupid, depending upon how you look at the matter, the perpetrators that we should be going after are sitting in their warm, plush domains looking at the protest from afar.

Sleeping in the park, on the ground, in the rain and cold is not putting a dent in the matter, except for perhaps by persuading public opinion. Even still, where is the gain?

The Wall Street Executives live far away from downtown buildings out into their fancy gated suburbs and watch the protest movement on television from the warmth and safety of their gated communities. There’s something about that picture that doesn’t seem fair.

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