No better time than NOW!

There is no better time than the present to do the things that need to be done. The habit of procrastination is one that is very hard to break once it becomes a part of your core being. Most habits take a considerable amount of time to develop and at least that much or more time to break them.

In truth we don’t usually need the amount of time that we think in order to break our habits. Most of the time we spend by way of getting things done is spent on overcoming procrastination. It is like having a roadblock in the mind. Once the mind is in gear to go forward then time is no longer our enemy. When you do things in the NOW moments time is not your obstacle.

How does one learn how to break the tendency of procrastination? Like all things you develop in life you need to make it a constant practice. Each day give yourself a chore to do and see if you can do it immediately, at the moment you think about it. If you are lying in bed in the morning and there is a chill in the air… tell yourself to get up immediately and do it immediately. Or, tell yourself to get up five minutes before the time you originally set… do it on an impulse. Do something spontaneously without giving yourself the time to talk yourself out of doing it. These are just a few examples of ways you can practice breaking the habit of procrastination.

Once you become a proactive person rather than a reactive one you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. Most highly successful people are the ones that live actively with life rather than reactively. They create the action, albeit good or bad, and just do it! They are the ones in charge rather than waiting on others to make the first move. Most highly successful people have found a way to overcome procrastination.

In fact, most ordinary people do not reach a fraction of their potential because they cannot make themselves do what must, or needs to be done, just when it needs to be done. There is usually much more in the “potential tank” than most utilize. Once you overcome the habit of procrastination you will inevitably climb up the ladder of your potential. You will learn to burn more of the fuel in your tank.

Learning to live in and with the current moment is something that we all could do much better. In order to do so we must somehow learn to overcome our own demons. We are at war with ourselves much more than we care to admit. The main battleground is in your mind.

The world is not really holding you back. The system is not really holding you back. People are not responsible for holding you back. We are our own worst enemy. We have to learn how to overcome the hurdle of our own mind. When we win the battle over the “self” is when we are free to reach our highest potential. NOW is the only time that matters. Not a while ago and certainly not in the future. Do what you know needs to be done in the NOW!

The past is eternally gone and the future has not yet arrived, NOW is really all there is. That’s a fact and your truth!

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