ALTADENA CA – This blog was intended to bring males pertinent news that will assist them in achieving their prime directive. No matter how you see your role as a man, it comes with certain responsibilities, if you are a real man. You may choose to remain ineffectual and do nothing, because certainly that is an option as well. However, for those who want to participate and make a difference in the world, it is very important, and even prudent to become informed of the world around you, especially of the things that directly affect your ability to fulfill your main function as a responsible male.

In this blog page we only intend to bring to you newsworthy items that directly impact you as a male. Topics such as healthcare, the economy, wars, new laws, and the like, directly impact your position as a male, even if you have no interest in such things. For the most part there are tons of news agencies that are already covering such information. In fact it is harder to turn them off than it is to turn them on.

The first thing you see on television in the morning is the morning news, then the mid-day news, followed by the evening news, late night news, and even 24-hour news channels. This is happening on several prominent networks, locally, nationally and internationally. When you turn on your computer to check your emails you will find the news page as you enter your mail carrier. Turning on the radio you will get the news, and this doesn’t take into account the thousands of print media news agencies. The media bombards us from every angle imaginable. Getting the news delivered to you is not the problem: it’s what you find on that platter that makes the difference.

Are you aware that the news is a multi-billion dollar business? The news sells. Bad news sells better than good news. How much good news do you get from all the many different genres? Good news isn’t good business financially. What you end up getting is the slant the media wants you to accept. They operate under the First Amendment of our constitution: the Freedom of Religion, Speech, the Press, to Assemble, and to Petition. In essence they are free to spin you in anyway they want. You only have the right to disagree with them or perhaps come up with your own spin. You, however, also have the right to shut them out.

Rather than dealing with the primary issues…the news institutions can sell more product if they deal with the chaos and/or disagreement over the issues. Nearly everyone agrees we need a decent healthcare program, but they are fighting like cats and dogs over how that is to be administered.  The media loves the chaos because it sells. Take almost any newsworthy topic and you will find this dynamic. It is not the primary subject that sells, but the chaos over the subject. The “right” wants you to go one way, the “left” wants you to go another, and the “center” wants you to be more conservative. Each media organization represents a particular constituency that favors one of these three options. When you tune in to their channels you will get their spin on the news. This is their constitutional right.

As a responsible person you have to weigh the various sides and determine what is best for you and the people you represent, such as your family, business or associates. Your litmus test is judging things at the end of the day. Once all the dust settles you have to determine; does this news make your life better or worse. Whichever way you decide it is up to you to vote, participate, rebel, or accept what they are selling. Remember, the news media is really the newsmakers. They make a product that you can buy or deny. Don’t allow them to pull the wool over your eyes. Be a real informed man.

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