Men Behaving Badly

Look at the daily news and you will almost always see our men behaving badly. It is odd how we (society) have these double standards that we seemingly are willing live by. If you are rich and famous there are certain rules that apply, but if you are poor and a “nobody,” there are different rules to live by. We spend our resources catching people who don’t have the resources to escape the arms of justice, while giving an almost free pass to those whom we deem to be more worthy. If you are rich and famous, we are more than likely to overlook your faults, sins, and even crimes. When was the last time a poor man received a break from the criminal justice system?

A famous rich married man can have sex with numerous women that work under him and get caught. It is almost as though we assume this behavior is the “norm.” We would probably be more surprised to find that a rich and famous person was a very loyal and fully committed spouse who refuses to break their commitment to his or her mate.

In society men have always behaved badly, but that is something that we have been willing to overlook or pretend we don’t know about it. Since we live in denial of very poor behavior by our men, they have no incentive to change. When there is no pressure to change people usually don’t. It is as though we give them a green light to behave badly. That is certainly something that needs to change.

We teach our children morals and values, yet they see the rich and famous breaking nearly every moral and boundary we attempt to teach. Can you blame the children if they don’t get it! If it is good for the rich and famous, then why should a kid assume it should not be good for them? Are we really telling them that if you become rich and independently wealthy you are free to behave any way you like? What is right with that picture?

We really need to stop placing people who do bad things on high pedestals! They need to be held accountable for going against the established boundaries of society. If you commit the crime, you must be willing to do the time. This should apply to the highest and richest just as it does to the lowest and the poorest. You must be willing to pay the consequences of bad behavior and errors of judgment. Until we hold firm to that line there is no reason why children should believe hardly anything parents attempt to teach them about right and wrong. If it matters not for the rich and famous then something is not a clear about or set of rules. Wrong should be wrong, no matter who does it.

Let’s stop rewarding bad behavior by giving them a free pass or a green light to keep on doing what they are doing. Although my focus is primarily upon the males, this applies equally as well to females.

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