Manifesting Your Dreams

We hear many enlightened people constantly tell us how simple it is to go out and achieve your wildest dreams. Could it be as simple as it’s made out to be? The truth is, YES! It is that simple, but most of us don’t do simple, not very well. Most know what it takes to achieve their goals and dreams, but still, for some reason they don’t make them happen. Why is that? It’s because of one simple word… COMMITMENT!

Without commitment it is very difficult for us to do most things in life. Until we commit to actually doing something, it is like having a huge wall standing in front of us, blocking us from what we wish to achieve. Somehow we must compel our hearts and minds to actually make the commitment before we do things.

Think of all your achievement up to this point. What caused you to do the things that you did? If you analyze it closely you either wanted to achieve something so badly that it pushed you into manifestation or, you vowed to keep on doing something no matter what and that commitment drove you into manifestation.  One way or another you created a burning desire from your inner being (heart, soul and mind) before action was taken.

Quite simply the main thing that we have to overcome in order to become successful is the “self.” We must overcome doubt, fear, disbelief, false impressions, ignorance, wrong assumptions, and the like that causes resistance within us. To remove the blockage you must apply a force equal to, or greater than your obstacle in order to punch a hole into the resistance. Most of the blockage is in your mind. Once you get over you… then manifestation is possible.

People love to blame outer influences as the reason why they have not succeeded in life. However, if they would only take a closer look at their situation, it is not outer influences that holds them back, but instead the inner. Learn to get over your “self” and see how much more you are able to manifest. More things than you can imagine are possible once you believe that you can achieve them. Look at what our current president just accomplished? Yes we can! Yes I can! Yes he did! Manifest your dreams.

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