Let’s Talk About Our Boys

In addressing male issues we shouldn’t ignore the subject of dealing with our boys. In fact, the boys are the future of this world. As they suffer the world will show the effects. As they thrive the world will prosper. For many of us, time on the clock is running out, but their clocks are just beginning to unwind. Unfortunately too much energy is spent on adults who are so set in their ways and who insist upon not bending or changing. Our prison systems are growing larger and larger, overflowing with men who do not have an agenda of becoming helpful, productive members of society. If we spend too much of our available funds on the adult males, we are essentially kissing the future goodbye.

I don’t want to paint such a dark picture, but if I don’t, no one will feel the urgency to do anything. If we don’t do something to alter the fate of our boys who are filling the mold that has been set before them, there is no good news to spread. The decay of morals and standards of decency were not set by the boys; men in the public eye set it. These are not the poor and infamous men who have the power to paint the picture for Wall Street and our political structure, but very powerful and famous men that fuel the flames of the media. Boys see men acting badly, men with lots of money, fame and power, so guess what signal they are getting. “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BLING.” Forget what you may have to do to get it, but by all means, GET YOUR BLING! That’s the signal they are receiving!

Whenever a famous person gets caught with their pants down; so to speak; whenever a famous politician gets caught on the wrong side of the law; when the rich and famous decide to quit on their third or fourth marriage, guess what signal is being sent? Guess who is watching? If we are not meticulous with our own acts, deeds, or spoken words, I can guarantee more eyes and ears than you can imagine are watching to see how you behave. If it is good for men in such high places then why shouldn’t boys think it’s good for them?

Somebody needs to push the panic button! Somebody needs to yell “Fire in the hole!” Somebody needs to take charge and do something to change the course of the future of our country, perhaps the future of the world. If we are the shining example, the City that sits high on the hilltop that others may be watching, then we are revealing the wrong picture. Not only is the bathwater cold, but the baby sitting in the spoiled water has become cold, even before they had a chance to turn into something good.

Who can we turn to? Who can save us from ourselves? What can we do to change this picture? The problem seems so insurmountable that any compassionate person feels like it may be a waste of good energy pouring their hearts and souls into a losing battle. But again, if each one will reach out and teach one, the problem is not insurmountable.

If there are almost seven billion of us on the planet this means that more than likely there must be at least four billion or more who are already over the age of manhood. Out of that four billion there must be at least two billion men who are capable of doing something positive. If only two billion men reach out and teach one other boy we would have tackled at least half of the problem. Mathematically the problem is not that difficult but tackling the hearts and minds of people and getting them to actually do something positive is a different story.

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