Increase Your Net Value

A very simple way to increase your net value is to expand your personal universe. As one person you have limited things that you can accomplish, but if others are attached to you, your values, your aspirations, your goals, or your dreams, you have that many more pulling from the unlimited resources in the universe, and by doing that you automatically increase your net value. Instead of just one person hoping and dreaming to accomplish things, you have others on your team doing the same thing, so you are adding to the weight in which you impact the universe.

It is unfortunate that too many of us don’t place more value upon meeting new people because by making the proper connections they automatically build upon their net value. In this day of network marketing and social networking we have countless opportunities to meet and greet each other. At first I was not a big fan of the various social networking sites such as My Space, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and the like, but other than learning how to properly use these sites, we should take tiny steps to reach out and touch more people. We should become the change that we want to see in the world. In doing so we make the world at least one degree better.

Just recently I became a public servant representing a certain census track of people that live in my immediate area. This was not something that I would have pursued on my own but the opportunity came up when the previous representative resigned. I was asked to fill the position for the remainder of his term. At first I hesitated to take the position because with it comes responsibility. You become a servant of the people. You may have to get involved in many of the things that affect people’s lives. You may also have to get involved in disputes between citizens over various issues. Even though everyone is not cut out for this position, it is a way to reach out and make a difference. Although it will be a challenge I welcome the opportunity to fill the position to the best of my abilities.

People who are in public service have an opportunity to reach a wider circle of people than what is usual. Instead of just your family, friends, and associates you can reach many people. Policemen, firemen, medical professionals, clergymen, food services, farmers, manufacturers, and others like them have the opportunity to reach thousands of people. The more people you are able to reach increases your net value exponentially.

By living in a neighborhood with other citizens you have many more opportunities to reach out and touch your neighbors and make a positive difference in their lives. You can keep an eye on your neighbors’ children and increase their parental boundaries. You can become your neighbor’s keeper by just looking out for them in any way that is feasible. The more people that you connect with in a positive way increases your net value!

Rather than waiting on someone to reach out and give you something, why not reach out first and become a positive difference for them. The easiest way to increase your net value is to connect with others by being a positive influence in their lives. Even if you do not receive the credit for a job well done, the universe does keep the score. Increase your value by adding others to your inner circle. Do it now!


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