Helping our young super stars

In one breath we are telling our young stars to act and make every decision squeaky clean with all the temptations to do otherwise right in their breadbasket. Stars are usually born with incredible talents that are trusted in the hands of coaches, agents, and teachers. With the amount of glory and riches being offered these days it’s a wonder that we do not corrupt more of our children.

When college and universities recruit sports stars, what tools are at their disposal to persuade the recruits to attend one school over another? Perhaps the rules are clear to the NCAA or the professional teams, but to the parents and guardians who know they have a big paycheck coming soon, how are they advised or governed?

Is it wrong for a parent to make the best possible deal for their child, especially those who come from a poor environment? We understand that there are and must be rules, but who governs the rules. Might there be pockets that are greased at arms distance away from the public eye? Call me a skeptic, but I have no faith in human nature trying to govern over human nature.

Think about this. When you have an extremely talented and gifted child where do you go to seek the best possible advice about how the real game is played? Do we have agencies that are set up by former stars in their prospective fields that can be easily found when a parent or guardian needs assistance?

Do our former stars such as Magic, Michael, Barkley, Tiger, Lance, or the great Gretsky lend their advice to the youth that are just entering their prospective fields? Do we actually leave then along with our youth out in the very deep sea where there are so many sharks?

Say what you want and believe what you want, but I don’t believe there are level playing fields in this arena. Furthermore, I believe that it is more about who you know and what you may get away with. It is even realistic to assume that there may be fairness when dealing with our young super stars?

If anyone has a better insight hit me back. I’m just curious. Check out this link and let me know what you think.

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