health care reform crisis

ALTADENA CA -There is nothing more crucial to the well being of our families than coming up with a system of affordable health-coverage for all Americans. Without a system that people can afford they are one medical disaster away from financial ruins. With the high cost of medical procedures very few of our average citizens could sustain a major illness that requires a long hospital stay. Without insurance the fees would be insurmountable and could easily wipe out an entire savings plan, retirement account, or incur a tremendous amount of costly loans.

Most serious medical cases concern life or death situations. If you do nothing or do not have the resources you die – and if you use all your resources, you will be left penniless and homeless. This is not a position we should be in as one of the greatest nations on this planet. Many other nations have already initiated a national health-care system. Our neighbors to the north and south already have national health-care for their citizens. Cuba, one of the poorest nations on the planet, has national health-care. Most European nations have national health-care. What does this say about Americans? It says that the U.S doesn’t understand the vital need to protect the health and welfare of its citizens by establishing a national health-care system?

For many years, even decades, our politicians has talked about establishing a national health-care system, but due to political infighting, bickering and political posturing any sort of decent system proposed by someone from the other side of the political landscape would always be violently knocked down. In Washington it is and always has been about POLITICS and not about what is good for the people. How long will we allow politicians who were elected to serve us keep the gavel? It’s time for a change and we the people must demand change from those we elected to serve us.

President Obama has made health-care reform one of his key items in his agenda. He believes that this year is one of the best opportunities we have had in decades to overhaul the nation’s ailing healthcare system. He boldly took a very aggressive stand and asked the House and Senate to pass their respective bills before their month-long August 2009 recess. Both said that they could not make that deadline.Political strategists all lined up to say the President failed, but how is pushing a political necessity forward failure? Strategists are worried about the President’s poll numbers, but Obama is more concerned about getting the job done.

No matter if you are for or against our President you cannot be against what he is trying to achieve. If we don’t enact some sort of national health-care system are we willing to put our families at risk of total disaster just to say our side won the argument? It is time for Americans to put the health and welfare of its citizens over politics. Find a way to take a proactive stand for a national health-care program. Doing nothing will certainly ruin us all. No one wants the government to control their lives, but if we allow the medical caregivers, the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry to continue escalate the cost of services, we will be doomed in one way or another. Let’s choose life and a decent health-care system for all our citizens over doing nothing and allowing the cost of getting medical attention drive us into ruins. We need a national health-care system just like much of the rest of the civilized world has already figured out.

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