Diabetes and Your Health

I just watched an episode of Oprah and was floored with what was disclosed. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes just over two months ago, so this subject was of great interest to me. My doctor had actually told me everything that the doctors said on the show but, like too many people, I was tempted to place this information on the back burner, as I usually do things regarding my health. I was told that I was borderline diabetic about 6 months ago, but I did nothing to alter the course of actually becoming a Type Two diabetic. When I was told that I was no longer borderline but definitely diabetic, I decided that it was time to do something about my condition.

Over the last sixty days I decided to keep an eating journal of everything I put into my body so I could trace what I was doing wrong. Funny thing when you commit to writing things down, when you know that you AND your doctor will have to read this back, it makes you think twice about eating those genuinely wrong things. I was told which foods were bad for me so I decided to cut those out, or down to a minimum. Knowing this to be a very serious condition, I decided to be as strict as possible hoping to eventually create a change of lifestyle. Before, I had been accustomed to eating what I wanted, whenever I chose to do so. I knew that attitude had to change.

There were a few foods that I loved that I knew to be bad for me. Before I was finally diagnosed with Type Two diabetes I would have consumed them whenever I felt the urge to do so. I love pork skins, fried chicken, French fries and other potato product, white rice with gravy, sandwiches with bread and mayonnaise, and other high calorie dangerous foods. Even though I did not have much of a sweet tooth for most of my adult life I started eating more sweets when I decided to stop drinking alcohol at an excessive rate. It seemed that most of the things I loved to eat were no longer good for my condition. I did not mention that I also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol along with diabetes. Much of this was due to heredity but al lot of it was due to poor eating practices over a span of many years.

Since keeping my journal over the past 60 days I’ve lost about fifteen pounds by eating healthier and exercising more. For most of my adult life I have been a frequent exercise person. I only slowed down this practice after a bad surgical experience for prostate cancer. Because of the lack of exercise I gained weight and kept on eating wrongly. This was a very dangerous combination and pushed me into diabetes. My doctor told me that my condition could be reversed or controlled if I eat correctly and exercise more. I see that formula working in my body already. Funny how well our bodies respond when we treat them properly. Already my doctor cut down on my medication and if I keep doing the right things I may be able to get off the medication.

Being diabetic is far more serious than what most realize. If this condition is in your family you need to take a very serious look into what this disease entails. It would be nice to start eating healthily and exercising regularly before you’re told that you must do so. Being healthy could mean a longer life with better enjoyment. Being unhealthy could mean early death and painful living, including loss of limbs and visual problems and the like. Take charge of your health. You only have one body. If you destroy this one, there are no spares.


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