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I’m not sure if this bothers anyone else, but the way we kill people that we dislike, even for good reasons, seems to be getting more barbaric. This occurrence seems to happening more frequently and spreading as though it were a global trend.

With our ability to broadcast things internationally, almost as they happen, there seem to have been a string of barbaric murders of highly unpopular people. We label these individuals as “public enemies” and list them by numbers according to how dangerous they may be to the public’s welfare.

America does not have clean hands in this matter. It is because of our covert actions that many of the more popular props were sat on the grand stage. They were the bad boys that we hoisted into their powerful positions that went rogue.

We secretly set up leaders who were supposed to be our allies until they become rich and powerful enough and turn their backs and cut of the hands they hoisted them into power. Once they turned rogue they become our most wanted criminals to be hunted down.

However since these individuals knew too many of our devious secrets we had to be discrete in the way we eradicated them. Anything short of killing them by any means necessary would let out too many of our dirty secrets if they were to be brought to highly exposed media trial. We would not look too good if the truth were exposed.

Are there any clean hands that operate on the grand stage of world’s most powerful nations? Even though many people have heard of such covert operations, no one steps up to the megaphone and complain about what they suspect. In a sense we sanction such things by allowing them to happen and not doing anything to stop what we suspect.

Just in the last few years several of these rogue operatives were killed in a heinous manner. Knowing them to be ruthless people, the manner in which they were killed seemed to have thrilled the international audience that watched it unfold in the media.

It was as though we were watching a movie where the villain was killed in a really horrific manner and everyone cheered in delight, hooray! In real life these human beings were killed in a horrific manner. Does anyone care? NAH!

Forget the fact that they were humans being killed in a manner that we usually sanction for ruthless wild animals, but no one cared that humans were being slaughtered. It was as though they lost the right to be treated as fellow human beings.

Without trying to defend such despicable characters we should take note of where we are heading as a worldwide community. What does that say about us when we publicly slaughter human beings that we don’t like to the delight of the worldwide community?

Have we crossed over a line where art, such as in the movies, is beginning to shape our moral values? Is it okay to kill villains in any manner possible without taking them through a system of justice by trial? If that indeed is the case then where do we draw the line and who gets to be the new judge and jury?

Rather than allowing ruthless criminals the use of a costly criminal justice systems or funding the cost of incarcerating them for life, would it not be more practical just to just kill them on site to the delight of the worldwide community?

How about the criminals who have three strikes against them? We pay for their incarceration. Couldn’t we just kill them and forgo the cost of supporting them for life?

Has morality come down to pragmatism? Do our moral values depend upon things being consequentially practical? Yes, it would be more practical to kill “lifers” rather than paying to keep them alive for an unspecified time period. Yes, it is easier to kill the rogue dictators rather than have them expose our secret alliances with them.

If pragmatism were the defining rule we wouldn’t need a criminal justice systems that allows people the right to a trial with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Can people just form a collective alliance, which allows them to do as they did to the Libyan dictator? Can mighty governmental officials make such decisions behind closed doors at their discretion? How about victims getting even for what was egregiously done to them or a loved one? Where do we draw the line and who gets to make such decisions?

There’s something about these recent murders that is deeply troublesome, but I cannot seem to find the words to put it in its rightful prospective.

On one hand I’m happy that really bad people were erased from the planet before they could harm others, but the manner in which they were erased crossed a fragile line that could lead down a very slippery slop, one that would be much harder to harness, once unleashed.

Has humanity matured enough yet as a worldwide community that we might have intelligent conversations about this “slippery slope” we are endeavoring? Have we evolved enough as sentient beings that we could speak about things such as this on an international basis while functioning in the many cultural, linguistic, religious, or spiritual differences that define us? One would certainly hope, but it is very doubtful at this time.

If we are not there yet, then we had better find a way to get there soon, before we slide too far down the slope that brings out more of our animalistic nature rather than our inner spiritual core. We must define who we are as a species and how to operate as a collective body. After all, this world is getting far to small for us not to have a clear-cut human definition that we choose to live by.

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