The book, Real Men, What’s Happening to Our Males, is ready for ordering. You may use this link to  go directly to the book ordering site and to read a brief synopsis of the book if you like. Here is the link:  Real Men

Everything that we speak about at the live seminars will be covered in more graphic details in the book. You will be able to see the statistics and trends that are happening currently with our males. You will also be able to compare the difference with how females are on the rise as males are declining. The book explains how this all happened and where it will lead if something is not done to alter the path we are currently taking. It also suggest alternative courses of action that will assist males in reclaiming their rightful positions as the natural-born leaders and heads of the family structure. The book tells it all. Go to the site and order this book now. Use this link to BUY NOW!


Real Men Seminars Workbook

Our workbook that runs the entire seminar group meetings is now available. With this book you are in position to run your own Real Men Seminar Discussion Group meetings. We have posted additional information posted on this website, (resources page) that will assist you in setting up your personalized cell groups according to your common values and goals. Currently each lesson of the workbook has a written brief introduction that sets the stage for the individual lessons. Once the stage is set then the questions in each lesson of the workbook will guide the group discussions. As the group members participate in the discussions they learn and mature as “real men.”

The workbook is available for purchase directly through us. We offer discounts for bulk orders that are made directly through us. Bookstores such as can also order in bulk and save 20% of the purchase price. We strongly that you purchase the workbook for the entire group at the same time in order to save on the shipping costs.

There are eight lessons covered in this workbook to include, 1. Male Gender Defined, purpose and intent, 2. Leadership 3. Responsibility and Accountability 4. Fatherhood, 5. Matrimony and Commitment 6. Male/Female Dynamics 7. Mentoring and 8. Men’s Health. Each of the lessons thoroughly discusses the topics and thereby gives the participants a better understanding of their male roles and responsibilities. It is through actually discussing these topics that men are able to gain a clearer insight on topics that they rarely discuss openly.

Please contact us directly through the website or at one of our direct email addressed. Once we have your order we will ship off the books to you as soon as possible and you will be on tract to refining the man you currently are:

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