Black History Celebration

You might wonder, why is it necessary for us to celebrate an entire month and call it Black History Month? As an African American, remembering our Black history wouldn’t seem to be a very happy thing to do. There is a very dark shadow in our history that most would rather forget. Even the memory of such things invokes anger, despair, sadness, or even rage. Why would anyone want to surface such emotions? One reason may be because if we put such things out of memory, it is almost like dishonoring those who paid the ultimate price so we could experience what we have today.

Understanding where you come from could be an important part of figuring out who you are now. Our ancestry is like looking back through a chain of events, circumstances, and situations that are responsible for shaping us. You did not just pop out of nowhere in order to become this living being here today. Your ancestry goes back to the beginning of mankind. At one point certainly there were only a few human beings on this planet. Chances are at one point there may have been only one male and one female that started our species, namely, Adam and Eve. One thing is certain; we came from something that definitely preceded us. Every race of people has a heritage, even if it is a combination of various bloodlines.

Since I do not believe in coincidences or accidents, there must be a reason for the differences such as races in people. People who inhabited certain parts of our world were built to fit the land they inhabited. In a way the earth has been our teacher and our co-partners. We live and gain from the earth and in turn the earth provides certain things for us, including the opportunity to gain, grow, mature and learn how to sustain existence. Even the dinosaurs had a function in the time-line of our history and a purpose during the period they lived on earth. Certain species served their purposes and died out, never to be seen again on earth. From fifty million years back to this very day life has gone through multiple transitions, but it developed into what and who we are today. Each tiny change was a link in the chain that made us into who we are now.

Unfortunately too many Black Americans do not understand their heritage or their history. The image most of us see is not too flattering. In the overall scheme of mankind humanity owes a great debt to a link of the chain that started in Africa. America owes a debt of gratitude to the many backs on which this country was built. Yes, there is a dark stain in the history of African Americans or people of African descent from countless parts of the planet. For too long we have turned away from something that was so essential to our existence. The picture that was revealed to us over many years were distorted by hate, evil, anger, jealousy, spite, or who knows what, but that was not the whole picture; it was not based entirely upon truth.

No matter who you are… you are that because of many links in a chain that lead to this very moment in time and space. If you are Black you have a very rich history laced with many dark times, but that rugged history made a strong race of survivors that through all the harshness still stands strong and proud. It is important that you accept your heritage because even though we may not understand the reasons why, we know that all things have a purpose, a reason, and a season. Black heritage is something that was forged by history. It is about time we give honor to all those of who made this day in time and space possible. Even if you aren’t Black I think it’s time to give acknowledgments to a people who just simply survived in spite of the odds. This message is not intended to make another race feel small, or overly large. It is only intended to remind those who are Black to be proud of who they are and to encourage them to make the best of whatever that IS!

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