Are We Done Yet?

During the course of the last six-plus months we have been on a roller coaster ride with so many highly charged male activities. Whether it was the ending of a good football season, the start of a great NBA basketball season, College basketball finals, NBA playoffs, the start of the baseball season, the Masters Golf tournament, or our elected politicians waging war against each other, it’s a constant barrage of energies in the air that keep our testosterone “Jones” filled to the max. For many of us it is a good time to be alive in America. What’s not to like, unless you were one of those unlucky few who got caught with their pants down or their hand in the wrong cookie jar. As far as being male, we have so much to keep us preoccupied.

Unfortunately most of the things that make the world go around are not the ones that we consider noble and nice. Those rarely make headline news. Unless tragedy is involved it usually doesn’t dominate the news. Even natural tragedies such as earthquakes, massive flooding and storms, tidal waves, tornadoes, and hurricanes make the news because they are quite tragic events. For some strange reason we can’t seem to ever get enough of it.

Do we actually realize that we are being conditioned in a certain manner? When you become so used to seeing things a certain way it becomes what you expect. If there were no tragedies to be covered by the news media what would we do with our attention? God forbid that we would instead focus our attention to actually doing something good, positive, right, decent, and constructive.

What would we do with our attention spans absent our craving for blood, crime, horror, misfortune, and even downright evil? We are so programmed to receive bad news that it would be lost souls if we did not get our daily “fixes” of negativity! Without them we would go into withdrawal mode and feel suddenly detached from the world around us. Perhaps we would have to do something bad ourselves merely in order to satisfy those negative cravings.

Have we gotten to the point that bad is actually good and the good that we knew is no longer what we desire? Is that where we are headed? Unless we take back who we are and what we stand for we will fit neatly into the status quo statistics. We are consumers who absorb bad news. We digest too many things that are negative. If a movie is not filled with heavy negative action we don’t like it.

Will we ever get back to when good things were the preference and we strived to do what we hoped would benefit not just ourselves but others? Are we so accustomed to hearing about negative things that we no longer have the capacity to do good ones? Are we no longer concerned about the direction we’ve allowed the status quo to lead us? Until you personally take the bull by its horns and stand your ground for the things you know to be right and good, you are just another statistic that comprises the status quo. Until you command yourself not to follow suit you become what you regret to acknowledge: you are “THEM!” Isn’t it about time for you to take control and determine what you stand for? Can we get back to the business of being decent and respectful people? Are we done yet!


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