a man’s mind???

For the most part men are creatures of habit, much more so than women. Men like to know what to expect and when to expect it. When things happen in a random manner, most men get uncomfortable. The reason why home furniture, carpeting and flooring shows evidence of imprints or indentations is because a man will normally sit in the same place in his home, watch the same programs, (sports of many kinds) eat the same thing for breakfast, or order the same meal when they go out to dinner. Men like stability around them, not instability. They prefer sameness over difference.

Because of this trait you would think that men would make ideal partners in marriage and relationships. The truth of the matter is; most men would make very committed partners in relationships if things remained the same as when they made their commitment. The problem with females is the fact that “sameness” is rarely part of their nature. Inwardly and outwardly females seem to be in a constant state of change. Going through their monthly cycles makes one day different from the next. It seems that they are always leading up to their cycles or dealing with the days after. In many ways females are like the four seasons of a calendar year. Their emotions seem to change with whatever season they are experiencing. This is not something that most males can easily handle.

The reason why many men leave their relationships is because women are constantly changing, which throws the typical male out of his comfort zone. Since men prefer sameness, you have two ships moving in opposite directions. Until both parties understand their conflicting differences they tend to blame each other for the problem.

How do we tackle this dichotomy? Is there a way that these two virtually opposite poles can come to an understanding of their ordinary nature so it does not become a stumbling block? The first thing that has to be done is for the parties to understand their differences: their needs, their desires, their wants, preferences, hopes, dreams, and other parameters that actually cause the ripples between them. Males need to understand that females have certain mannerisms and tendencies that may oppose a part of their natural mannerisms and tendencies. As the genders begin to understand that these differences are a part of something that is natural, they no longer need to take them as a personal attack.

Take a very basic example. Most females sit when they have to pee, while most men stand up. . Should males become upset when the female complain if he wets the toilet seat that she has to sit on? What if you had to sit in someone’s pee? Another example: If a woman tend to speak while she is going through the thinking process and a man is quiet while he is going through the thinking process, this doesn’t mean that the man is angry or ignoring the woman when he is quiet. He is only dealing with things the best way he knows. When we understand such differences we don’t have to assume the worst.

Women need to understand how simply a man’s mind works, while men need to do the best they can to understand what many women can’t figure out about how her mind works. Just step back, fellows, and allow her to lead you into what she feels in her heart. Don’t try to figure out a woman’s heart with your mind. Just food for thought, gentlemen!

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2 Responses to “a man’s mind???”

  1. SABU says:

    As a man married to the same women for over 33 years. I think we have to break out of the box that society,tradition, nature or whatever we want to attribute to it has put us in.
    That’s the only way we are ever going to come to appreciate our differences. We must learn to bask in our discomfort for one another in order to grow in our understanding of each other. LET ‘S FACE IT, THE REASON WHY WE ARE ATTRACTED IN THE FIRST PLACE IS BECAUSE WE ARE DIFFERENT. THE LAW OF POLARITY. Use the law don’t fight against it!

  2. Aluh says:

    We are NOT polar opposites. We are two extremes of the same being. There are some women who behave and think like “men” in a relationship and vice versa. We are labeled male and female. We were only born with different reproductive organs for the purpose of reproduction because two penises and two vaginas cannot. All these labels and gender roles have been created by us. Men think differently because they were programmer to by society. We all have the same emotions, feelings, and so forth. We are ALL human beings. No matter the reproductive tools. But, that’s just my opinion.

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