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Life has changed, the role of women has changed, conditions have changed, and yet many males are still operating under the old system. The lack of male participation in the family unit has drastically affected our culture. Marriage is no longer a stable institution. Children can no longer depend upon the basic family structure. There are too many single parent families with mothers in the anchor position. Men are simply walking away from commitments because they haven’t adapted to this new changing world.

Male/female communications have always been one-sided over the years but now that women have gained their equality, males are no longer having the final say. Women are acquiring higher educations more than men by an alarming edge. Boys are dropping out of grade school at a rate of over 4 to 1 compared to girls. These less educated and lesser trained men will not fit well in society and will be more likely to find themselves in undesirable situations that will impact the rest of
society in many negative ways.

We must address this situation and do what is necessary to rebuild a solid foundation for males to stand upon. Even though things will never be the way they were in the past, there is a crucial purpose that men will always serve. Only by making the proper adjustments now will they be able to incorporate well in the future. Thankfully, the days of heavy-handed, male domination of society is becoming a thing of the past.


  • better fathers
  • better leaders
  • better spouses
  • committed partners
  • financially dependable
  • true partners with their female counterparts
  • Better communicators


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